Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Made It For My Family :D

yesterday, i made breakfast, lunch and tea time for my family. it doesnt taste good. but we enjoy it.. thanks.. i love my family so much :)

this salad telur.. that i made it for breakfast.. it taste better with bread.. haha.. quiet discusting right this pic ? hehe.. this pic not actually my pic.. i just took it from google images :D

that is macaroni. for my lunch.. this time i made a macaroni a bit sour.. trletak bnyak tomato puri.. hehe.. xptt btl.. tp abis gk dorg mkn..

and for the tea time.. i made bubur sum sum.. xjdi T.T sbb trlebih garam ma xlmbut dya pny adunan tue.. eee ~ xpa, next tym kna wt elok2.. huhu.. tp, abis gk family aq mkn.. hehe...

kalu dh syg shuma sedap kn ? cause it made from love :D