Sunday, April 24, 2011

Amazing !

im speechless.. i dont know how old is him.. 
but, kid you surprise me a lot !
how can you play a guitar, when you such a kid ? 
i am jealous at you, Sungha Jung

p/s : you are so adorable.. can you teach me how to play a guitar ? :)

My Weekend Food !

start : 22 April 2011
end : 24 April 2011
im only eat fast foods..
oh my goodness ! what am i thinking ?
confirm that im gaining weight.. oh no ! help me =.=

the food that im eating while im at Labuan..


burger king

pizza hut

p/s : need to work out more.. gosh ~

My Weekend Trip !

22 April 2011 : arrive at Labuan..
staying at waterfront hotel.. 

nice view right ?

check out : 24 April 2011
im staying there only for two nights..

my activities there : eat, shopping, hang out with my friends and sleep :D
that all im doing.. 

p/s : labuan is so hot !