Friday, March 25, 2011

im turn 19 ~

waa ~ rsa mcm dh tua plak.. ya la.. taun ney taun last ada no 1 kt dpan.. haha..
 funny right ? hehe.. taun ney best gla besday aq.. hehe.. smbut ma kwan2..
 they got a suprise besday party for me.. even simple, aq hrgai sgt2 ! huhu..

kek besday yg ke 19.. fresh cream.. nyum2.. thnks a lot ! i love all my tatyanna <3

acara memotong kek :D

smbil tue kitorg mkn kfc ! :D

suapkn c qasyrika :D

suapkn c dayana yg gete.. hehe :D

suapkn ita :D

suapkn cris :D

tue lima2 tue.. my tatyanna ! there are mine.. hurt their feeling deal with me !

ney adiah dr my tatyanna ! hrgai sgt.. hehe

ney adiah dr niky.. so touching :)

p/s : thnks all.. this is the new me.. i will change just for u all.. hehe.. i love u so much !

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hadapi Dengan Senyuman

p/s : dedicated this song to victim tsunami at japan.. insyaallah.. there's somethig behind this.. we praying for you guys :)

Our Trip To Kinabalu Park !

for the first time, im go there... 
wow ~ such a lovely place, for a couple to go there..
  at 6 march 2011, its my first time to go there.. 
im so excited about that..
 credit to my friend, faiq because bring me there.. 
hehe.. i am  happy because you take me there..
 kitorg p xlma pown.. just few hours..
 because tomorrow i've got miss freda class and he had to back to Kuala Lumpur..
 yeah, he's from kuala lumpur.. we know each other at facebook.. 
and we still contact each other.. even we apart away.. 
hehe.. thanks aiq sbb blnja aq.. hehe.. if, ko dtg g pas ney.. aq blnja ko plak k.. hehe

he's the one that i am talking about.. isnt he is handsome ? hehe :)

she's the one who company me.. hehe.. love yah ! :)

ticket for three.. me, faiq n cris.. thnks aiq because spent me.. hehe :)

on the way balik.. sgt brkabus.. but still, that faiq speeding.. sllu gk jerit kt telinga dia sruh dya slow.. tp, xpnah pduli =.=

me and muhammad faiq :)

p/s : my blog always express my feeling.. sorry k miss.. :)