Sunday, October 23, 2011

Excited !

xsabar mau tengok cerita PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3..
jumsss ~
tengok ramai2..
baru gempak tue wayang.. haha
xsabar suda ney !

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just Let It Go ~

what we want,
may not always we get..
we pretend that we are okay,
but the truth is not..
people say bad things about us..
not all people like us..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fast 5

This is the story about stealing the car for the own satisfaction. Its, start when Dom been transported with prison bus. But got escape with his sister help and also his friends. Then, there were join for stealing three expensive cars for someone. But, they get that car for themselves.
While Brian, Dom, and Mia examine the car to discover its importance, Vince arrives and is caught trying to remove a computer chip from it. He admits he was planning to sell the chip to Reyes on his own, and Dom forces him to leave. Brian investigates the chip and discovers it contains details of Reyes' criminal empire, including the locations of US$100 million in cash.
So, they got plan and want that  US$100 million. That's, when the adventure began.
Hobbs and his team eventually find and arrest Dom, Mia, Brian and Vince. While transporting them to the airport for extradition to the United States, the convoy is attacked by Reyes' men, who kill Hobbs' team and Vince. Wanting to avenge Hobbs' murdered team, he and Elena agree to help with the heist. The gang breaks into the police station where Reyes' money is kept and tear the vault from the building using their cars, dragging it through the city with police in pursuit. Believing they cannot outrun the police, Dom makes Brian continue without him while he attacks the police and the pursuing Reyes, using the vault attached to his car to smash their vehicles. Brian returns to kill Zizi, while Reyes is badly injured by Dom's assault. Hobbs arrives on the scene and kills Reyes. Hobbs refuses to let Dom and Brian go free but, unwilling to arrest them, agrees to give them a 24-hour head start to escape. The gang splits Reyes' money, leaving Vince's share to his family, before the members go their separate ways.