Friday, March 25, 2011

im turn 19 ~

waa ~ rsa mcm dh tua plak.. ya la.. taun ney taun last ada no 1 kt dpan.. haha..
 funny right ? hehe.. taun ney best gla besday aq.. hehe.. smbut ma kwan2..
 they got a suprise besday party for me.. even simple, aq hrgai sgt2 ! huhu..

kek besday yg ke 19.. fresh cream.. nyum2.. thnks a lot ! i love all my tatyanna <3

acara memotong kek :D

smbil tue kitorg mkn kfc ! :D

suapkn c qasyrika :D

suapkn c dayana yg gete.. hehe :D

suapkn ita :D

suapkn cris :D

tue lima2 tue.. my tatyanna ! there are mine.. hurt their feeling deal with me !

ney adiah dr my tatyanna ! hrgai sgt.. hehe

ney adiah dr niky.. so touching :)

p/s : thnks all.. this is the new me.. i will change just for u all.. hehe.. i love u so much !

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