Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spiderman 2


Spiderman 2, is one of the fiction movie. This is the story a friend that want to revenge towards his father dead. Peter is Harry best friends. Harry father is the one that help Peter went Peter got trouble. Sometimes, Harry got jealous because his father always spoil Peter more than him. Harry father also, help Peter to go College. He's the one that pay all the fee's for him. Harry believes that spider-man is the one that responsible of the dead of his father. So that, Harry wants to find spider-man through Mary Jane because he know spider-man likes Mary Jane. Then, one day Harry knows that spider-man was his best friend, Peter. He was shocked but, he still want to get revenge for his dad. Harry does not know that Peter is the one that help his father. His father got killed accidentally and Peter was helping him. Then, he found somethings that can be use for his revenge. He can turn to black in color spider-man that really evil. But, black in color spider-man is the one that make Harry killed. Peter wants to help him, but its too late. 

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