Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Johnny English Reborn

this is story about a spy named Johnny English that return to do the task given. First, he went to Macau for complete his mission to stop the international assassin from killing the Prime Minister of China.
In Macau, his Chinese contact is murdered in a casino, but he manages to get one metal keys, when combined, can be used as an assassination weapon. Actually, got three metal keys. He already got one key and the rest for the keys he would try to find. He goes to Kate's house and convinces her that he is not the traitor and that the organisation Vortex is behind the assassination and they were also in Mozambique. Together to find out that Vortex is using a drug that allows people to be controlled in a short time, before dying. After Kate goes on a date with Simon, someone is try to kill Johnny again.Then, he knows that Simon is one that ruin his life. By that times, Kate knows that Johnny is trying to help people and the killing of the Prime Minister is not the Johnny problems.

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