Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monster Inc.

In Monstropolis,  there life a monster who had been best friends for years. They called Sulley (blue in colour monster) and Mike (the greenish monster). Their job is to scared the kids and get the screaming for their electricity. For Sully, it just a simple things that he need to do. One day, after the work had ended, he find no one behind one door. The only things that have is only kid. Sulley gave her name Boo because she always like to sound "boo" every time she meets other people. Sulley wants to give back Boo to his own place, but many happen things and Boo can not back to her own place. Randall is his co worker who is always jealous with Sulley because he always on the top. He want Sulley and Mike dissapear from Monstropolis because Randall want to be on the top of the list. So, Randall and their boss send Sulley and Mike somewhere else so that they cannot back to the Monstropolis. But, they manage to find the way home and back to Monstropolis. Later, they turn Boo back home and Randall had his own lesson. Do not greedy, it will turn bad way. Just proud what ourself had.

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