Friday, September 30, 2011

Finding Nemo

genre : Action/Adventure, Comedy, Kids/Family and Animation

this is the story about a clown fish called Marlin. He is a single father and have a son called Nemo. He promise to himself and her wife Carol, to protect her son after her wife death. One day, as they have a time together a group of barracuda attacks their place and eat all the clown eggs and also his wife, Coral. But, the Barracuda left one egg and   name the egg Nemo, name that Coral Liked. On that day, he promise to protect his son from danger and never let Nemo do the things he likes. One day, it is a first day Nemo go to school. Nemo has an abnormal small fin because of the the barracuda attacks. Marlin always worry the ability of his son swimming and his other capabilities. Nemo was not listening to his father. He disobey and sneaks out from school and causing a trouble. A scuba diver captured Nemo and bring him to his boat. His father was really sad and he promise that he will search Nemo no matter what happen. That when the adventure began. In searching to rescue the Nemo, Marlin when through a lot of things. He meet Dory. A naive and also a good heart of fish, but she is a forgetful fish. Sometimes she forget what she should do. Marlin adventure does not stop there. He meets a group of vegetarian sharks called Bruce, Anchor and Chum. They are group of vegetarian sharks that promise will not eat the fish. They said ' fish should be love, not to be eat". That why they do not eat fish. Meanwhile, Nemo was place at the dentist aquarium and meet his new friends that will help them to meet his father. In that aquarium, Nemo meets The Tank Gang. The Tank Gang help him a lot and they also had a plan to rescue Nemo and meet his father. From there, they began the plan to save Nemo. Their plan was dirty the aquarium so that Nemo can jump through the sink and when to the sea to meet her father. The plan was successful and he meets his father. Marlin was very excited to meet his son and tell Nemo do not do that again. Nemo promise, he will not disobey his father again. 
In this story, i learn do not disobey parents and teacher obey. That will causing a lot of trouble and for my case. I need to redone my assignment and submit to lecturer before 5 october. Good luck to me :)

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